Enable tracing/logging in Microsoft CRM

Today, I found a nice updated article “How to enable tracing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM” describing how to enable logging and tracing troughout Microsoft CRM. This article descibes both CRM4 and CRM2011.

It descibes how to enable logging and tracing capabilities by Registry settings and XML configuration files.


CRM Email Router: enabling logging

Today, I had to debug the CRM Email Router. After some googling I found a easy and simple way of logging the email router as it processes the emails.

  • In the Service folder of Email router installation (C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Email\Service), locate the file Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailAgent.xml.
  •  There is a key for Log Level – <LogLevel></LogLevel>. Default value is set to 1. Please set it to 3.
  • If it doesn’t exist, add a key for <LogFile>. <LogFile>C:\Temp\EmailRouterLog.txt</LogFile>.
  • Restart the Email router service

Happy debugging…

CRM Email Router: enabling logging (part 2)