Welcome to my blog, notebook or what ever this is 🙂

This is my notebook where I write blog post on subjects that help me understand/refresh or remember things I encounter in my day-to-day work. From my experience, people learn better when they are writing things down.

I’m a software developer, architect, technical project manager from Norway, living in Fredrikstad. I have my programming background from C#, C/C++, Java. I have mainly used Microsoft .NET since 2003, and using C# for mostly all my project. SQL Server and Oracle is the two most used databases, but I have also used database such as Progress, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB, Raven, in addition to IBM DB2 for larger govermental projects.

My short biography goes as following – I was born outside Oslo, raised in Stavanger, took my education in Oslo, and have worked in Stavanger, Oslo and now Fredrikstad.


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