New year and employer

Due to my daughter didn’t like me commuting from Sarpsborg to Oslo almost every day. It has become worse the past few months on the train (NSB). Fully packed with people and not good to work, and with 2.5 hours one-way I needed to work on the train. Therefore I decided to get a job back home in Sarpsborg/Fredrikstad area again.

Good luck to my former collegues at and the modernation of the platform for Kompis, CustomerDirect and PosFinans. It has been a fast pace journey, but unfortunatly it’s ending here for me.

I now work for CGI Norway that has one office location in Sarpsborg. World-wide, CGI Group Inc has not less than 70,000 employees at over 400 locations and registered at New York (NYSE) on $74/share and Toronto (TSX) on Stock Exchanges. I will work in a department that has it’s focus on the energy business with network and power supplies and their customers. It is a business in fast change and regulations and potential to use new technology for automation the relationship between companies and their end-users.

I will have to refresh my Oracle knowledge from Oracle 8.1.7 from back to 2002, and proudly remembered the foldername of tnsnames 🙂

Now, I just need to get the MSDN Enterprise Subscription and have chat with IT to get rid of some stupid AD Policies. Yesterday, I had to supply my username and password 17 times. Today the number was 12 times while installing and upgrading the laptop with proper sofwtare and configuration.


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