Year of Silence

Blogging haven’t been my first priority for the last year due different circumstances. As a result, I have decided to set a goal of at least one blog post every month. We have to learn something new every day in this industry to keep up with the changes, so it should always be something to write about 🙂

So, what have I been doing for the last year (2015)?

It started with a competence boom at the KiPi 2015 (“Know It, Prove It”) Challenge at Microsoft Virtual Academy in February where I followed and completed Cloud Development, Mobile Development and Hybrid Cloud learning paths. This inspired me to look at the different Azure exams, but unfortunately, busy projects made it impossible to complete these.

Between March and New Year, I worked on mainly upgrade and migration projects for customers, and the next few blog posts will summarize my experience from these projects and describe what kind of knowledge from these projects I have put into my toolbox.