TFS, QlikView, Azure and Office 365

Long time and no blog posts from me. It has been a busy winter for me at home.

I have been updated my knowledge before Christmas and in January on Pluralsight with the following courses:

In addition, I’m atttending the current “Know it. Prove It” (KiPi 2015) challange at Microsoft Virtual Academy running in February. I recommend everybody to attend to get a kick-start on the new year. Im attending the following paths:

  • Cloud Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Hybrid Cloud

If this is not enough, I will have a recap on my QlikView knowledge from 5-6 year back, and start looking at Office 365 Implemetations. It will be a busy winter and spring, but I love it…



One thought on “TFS, QlikView, Azure and Office 365

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