CleanBin – Cleaning up your bin and obj solution folders in Visual Studio

I’m pretty sure every programmer is lazy. What do you do when sending sample code to colleagues or customers by email? Just zipping the Visual Studio solution and send it? Have you ever been stopped by size limitations for attachments on Exchange set by your IT-department? Been there, done that…In addition, until recently I had bad upload capacity on my home broadband, and my synchronization between local disk and Skydrive/Dropbox was awful when there were many new and large files.

This is not a big issue when you have utilities like “Dropbox – public links”, but until recently, I was fed up and created my own utility to clean up unnecessary files from my sample projects. BUT…As mentioned, programmers are lazy and we probably don’t clean the solutions when we close the solution. Therefore I had to create an utility that went through all my source code locally and removed the files under BIN and OBJ folders.

I called this utility CLEANBIN and the main objective was to loop through all my sample code stored on my local drive and remove all files from the BIN and OBJ folder in my Visual Studio solutions.


Happy coding…


2 thoughts on “CleanBin – Cleaning up your bin and obj solution folders in Visual Studio

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