Need help with MCSA SQL Server 2012?

As posted before, I’m preparing for the MCSA – SQL Server 2012 certification. I passed the 70-461 exam (Querying) before the summer vacation, and started off with the most difficult one (70-462) right away. After some delays, I have planned the second exam 70-462 (admin) in mid november. If I pass this exam, I will probably have a slow start on preparing for the last exam for the MCSA, before I kick off the new year with loads of SSIS stuff in the 70-463 (DWH + ETL/SSIS).

A few weeks back I watched some nice “Jump Starts” at Microsoft Virtual Academy for these exams.

In addition, pluralsight has a great new course serie on the 70-462 called “SQL Server 2012 Database Administration (70-462)” (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3). Each part is about 5 hours with goodies from Sean McCown (MidnightDBA blog | twitter). These courses are originally from trainsignal, but they were aquired by Pluralsight not long ago. The jump starts are free, but the Pluralsight courses cost me approx $50 per month – but is worth evry penny.

Hope this helps


4 thoughts on “Need help with MCSA SQL Server 2012?

  1. Good luck with your 70-462. I hope you passed! I passed it just this last Friday and have started preparing for 70-463. Thanks for the tip on the MVA videos for the 463, i’ll be watching it today.

  2. Good day and thanks for this.
    I actually lecture Database courses at my university and then i went looking for materials and saw that the jumpstart had just 8 lecture contents, is that enough to preapre students to take the 461 (querying sql server 2012) exam?

    • If you have worked With lots of SQL you should be able to pass “Quering”…I prepared about 10-15 hours With including this Jumpstart a couple of times. And passed.

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