SQL Server 2012: building failover cluster

Just a note to self after tonights exam preparation on how to create a SQL Failover Cluster.

Every database server that hosts critical system should be created as high-availability solutions. This can be done by creating “Failover Cluster” or “AlwaysOn Availability Groups”. This post only includes notes on important points for Failover cluster.

  1. Configure shared storage. Make sure servers are in the OU for SQL Servers. Apply firewall rules for ports TCP/135, TCP/3260, in addition to UDP/138 and any SAN target software. Bring SAN volumes online and create disk partitions. Add DNS record for cluster name.
  2. Configure Windows Server R2 failover cluster. Apply .NET Framework 3.5.1 on all nodes. Configure cluster servers (nodes). Set cluster name and IP.
  3. Run “Advanced Cluster Preparation” on each node.  Each node in cluster need to perform this preparation task with node reboot. Installation includes db engine, replication, Mgmnt tools on default instans.
  4. Run “Advanced Cluster Completion” on node with shared storage.  Verify SAN disks. Set server network name, resource group, cluster IP and subnet-mask, including online status verfication.
  5. Perform a cluster failover. This can be done by powershell command “Move-ClusterGroup <resourcegroup> <node>”

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