SQL Server 2014 – Memory Optimized Table (CTP1)

The new SQL Server 2014 CTP1 comes with a new cool feature called “memory optimized data”. This feature allow us to create a table in pretty much same manner as before with some different switches when defining the table file group and some options when the table is created. The feature is available from the Management Studio GUI, but wil open a new query windows as when we define a FileTable. But I guess this will be changed in future releases.


The below example shows how to create a database with a memory optimized filegroup.


The below example show how to create a table in the newly created memory optimized filegroup. This is done by the option “MEMORY_OPTIMIZED = ON”. A memory-optimized table can be defined with one of two DURABILITY values: SCHEMA_AND_DATA or SCHEMA_ONLY with the former being the default. A memory-optimized table defined with DURABILITY=SCHEMA_ONLY, which means that changes to the table’s data are not logged and the data in the table is not persisted on disk. This will increase performance dramatically.


Rember that NONCLUSTERED indexes are not available in CTP1.


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