Exam MB2-867: Dynamics CRM Installation & Deployment (Summary)

I passed the “MB2-867 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Installation and Deployment” earlier this week. I will summarize my preparations in this post – just to share my experience as a developer taking this kind of exam.

I actually needed a retake of the exam since I failed the exam earlier in February. I have been working with installation and deployment projects with Dynamics CRM for almost a year now, and my boss asked if could take this exam pretty quick. It was a Thursday, and I scheduled the exam on the following Tuesday.

On the next day, in the afternoon, I got a telephone from a desperate customer that told me that they had installed the production Dynamics CRM environment with the trail version, and this had expired the same day. As a service minded consultant, I stepped up to the occasion and started planning the reinstall the same weekend, knowing this was my only chance to prepare for the CRM exam next Tuesday. Shit happens! The full reinstall of the customer CRM environment was completed on 12 hours, including setting up new server, installing CRM 2011 RTM, installing rollups, language packs, and finally restoring the backup of the current organization database and reattach with the deployment manager. Phuuuu!

In addition, I had to prepare to travel for a funeral right after the exam.

The exam was paid for, and I decided to give it a try and I honestly believed I would pull it off – until I saw the first question “Outlook client”….Shite! Newer done any work on Outlook client, and IFD deployment, since none of my customers have been using these features. I got 595 points of total 1000 on my first exam, and decided to roll up my sleeves and start preparing for the retake exam.

Back at the office, I located earlier bought books “CRM Field Guide” and “CRM Admin Bible” and started reading the same afternoon. Luckily, I got company with two colleagues in the next days that were going to take the exam, and we started planning joint reading colloquium. We had three evening where we went through a test we found online. In addition, we discussed a lot of different scenarios we had encountered in project the last year.

My first exam was a total disaster when it came to CRM Outlook client, and some of the installation scenarios. I had mainly done migration scenarios and left most of the security issues to other colleagues and customer personnel. I regret that now 🙂

The MB2-867 is divided into the following part:

  1. Planning the installation
  2. Installing CRM 2011 Server
  3. Installing and deploying CRM 2011 Email Router
  4. Installing and deploying CRM 2011 Client for Outlook
  5. Configuring CRM 2011
  6. Upgrading and redeploying CRM 2011

On my first attempt, I only had good answer on planning, configuring and upgrading. On my last attempt, I had all correct answers on planning, email router, configuring and upgrading. I still had issues with Outlook client and some installation difficulties, but I’m happy with my 95% score.

Now, I will start my journey to complete the “MCSE: Business Intelligence (Solution Expert)” certification – five exams in total this year (hopefully). This will enable me to concentrate on a new area – BI – business intelligence. I have alway wanted to work on BI topics since it combine database, integration between system and representing complex information in a simple way to the end users.



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