Preparing “MCSA: SQL Server 2012”

I received the three first “SQL Server Training Kit” books from the post office today. My ambition is to complete all three exams before Christmas this year. I probably have enough knowledge to pass the first two exams without reading, but I think I will prepare some during this spring and take the first two exams before summer vacation, and concentrate on the last exam early autumn, and maybe attend a training course for the last two exams to archive “MCSE: Business Intelligence” certification.


The last two exams, leading to “MCSE: Business Intelligence (Solution Expert)”:

I have enough work in front of me this year, but I like it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Preparing “MCSA: SQL Server 2012”

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  2. Do you recommend i tackle 70-462 or skip to 70-463 then come back to it? I am a junior DBA and just passed my 70-461

    • If you don’t do administor dba stuff most of the week, the 70-462 is pretty hard to pass. I failed my first time, and have not re-tried.
      You should do lots of practising and learn the SQL internal and especially Security.

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