SQL – last backup time (db + transaction log)

I don’t normally setup much maintenance plans as developer, but today I had to do some monitoring and troublehooting. During this work, I discovered lots of errors and in the event viewer and large transaction log files on the disk, resulting in low disk space on the production SQL server.

Last backup time for transaction logs:

    MAX(b.backup_finish_date) AS backup_finish_date
FROM  master.sys.sysdatabases d
   LEFT OUTER JOIN msdb..backupset b
      ON       b.database_name = d.name
          AND  b.type = 'L'
GROUP BY d.name
ORDER BY backup_finish_date DESC

Last backup time for databases:

   sdb.Name AS DatabaseName,
   COALESCE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(12), MAX(bus.backup_finish_date), 101),'-') 
      AS LastBackUpTime
 FROM sys.sysdatabases sdb
	LEFT OUTER JOIN msdb.dbo.backupset bus 
		ON bus.database_name = sdb.name
 GROUP BY sdb.Name

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