Connecting to TFS 2010 from a none-domain VS2008 machine

Today, I got a request from my team to fix a TFS access for a development RDP that wasn’t part of our standard domain. In addition, this developer RDP had Visual Studio 2008 and required to connect to our TFS 2010 server.

After some some retries to get the TFS connection working from the developer RDP, I had to turn to google for the solution, and I found a very useful post by Jason Barile. This post has several connection scenarios where the Visual Studio version differs from the Team Foundation Server version.

In my scenario, where I was trying to connect to a TFS2010 with a VS2008 development environment, I had to download and install the following:

  1. VS 2008 SP1
  2. VS2008 SP1 Forward Compatibility Update for TFS 2010

The installation order is important, and the next question was how the connection string from VS2008 should look like. After some more reading and testing, I found the following format on the TFS2010 connection string:


I had a bit problems by using the standard domain users for accessing from the develop RDP, so I took the shortcut by creating a local user on the TFS server and use this user to connect to the TFS server (servername from URL above).


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