CRM 4 Deployment Configuration Tool

It has been a lot of CRM 4 deployement stuff lately. When end user configure the CRM Outlook they get some weird URL against the CRM test server, instead of the production server. This made going deep into the CRM configuration database (MSCRM_CONFIG) looking for a reference. I had to add a search for string stored procedure and found references in several tables. One of these tables was MSCRM_CONFIG.DeploymentProperties.

We opened a Microsoft support ticket, where I got my suspicions confirmed. Initially, I wanted to make an UPDATE in the MSCRM_CONFIG database. This mas recommended by some CRM MVPs, but Microsoft support gave the link to a tool doing the same task more safely.

For my case where the Outlook client receieved invalid server name (CRM test server), I had to change the properties ‘webapprootdomain’ and ‘sdkrootdomain’.

How to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Configuration tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

My DOS commands to fix the problem:

microsoft.crm.deploymentconfigtool addresssettings update -webapprootdomain:crmsrv:5000
microsoft.crm.deploymentconfigtool addresssettings update -sdkrootdomain:crmsrv:5000
microsoft.crm.deploymentconfigtool asyncsettings update -sdkrootdomain:crmsrv:5000

Happy CRM deployment!


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