Moving CRM 4 to SQL Server 2012

This week I have been lurking around the issue of planning an upgrade for a CRM 4 solution where CRM databases shall be moved to a new SQL Server. Microsoft has a standard description that I’ve been using, titled “Move CRM 4.o deployements“. But first I needed to find out any compatibility issues.

I logged into the customer servers and found the following:

  • CRM server: CRM 4 with Rollup 20
  • Current CRM SQL Server:
    • Windows Server 2003 Standard with SP2
    • SQL Server 2005 Sp2
  • New SQL Server: SQL Server 2012 (no SP)

Since CRM 4 is pretty old, and SQL Server 2012 is just released, I had to check the requirements for the update. What CRM Rollup was required to be able to work with SQL Server 2012? From the Compatibility List, I found out that  CRM 4 Rollup 21 was compatible with SQL Server 2012 with and without SP1. It is always a good to have the latest service packs, but in this case the service pack (SP) was in state CTP (Communite Technology Preview). This is a kind of beta release of the service pack and is not intended to customers that is not testing specific functionality that this CTP is addressing. So for this time, I’m not upgrading the SQL Server 2012 with any Service Pack.

To find the current Rollup for a CRM 4 installation, you go to the “Help | About” in the upper right corner on the menu. The build number represents the Rollup (version). Use the Build number List on the to determine the actual Rollup number.

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