My First Windows Azure Development project

I have a few hours for myself, and I will start to develop my first Windows Azure application. I downloaded Visual Studio 2012 RC recently and created a Windows Azure 3 month free trail account. This free Azure trail gives you 10 free web sites and and you can create SQL databases, Azure Service Bus applications and so on….check it out your self. I have also create me a online TFS account at for the development purpose in case someone shall help me in the development process of this first Azure application.

Quick start steps:

  1. Created a standard solution in VS2012 RC based on project type “ASP.NET MVC4 Web Application”
  2. Created a new web site for my application on  Windows Azure with a SQL database with standard settings
  3. Assigned the Azure web site with TFS Preview account
  4. Check-in the initial version of VS2012 project into TFS

The application I will develop shall be used at certain football prediction group on Facebook – hopefully on track to the English Premier League season starting in August.


3 thoughts on “My First Windows Azure Development project

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    • This Project was just to learn some of the features that is provided in Windows Azure, but unfortunatly I got very busy this summer with building a terrace outside my house 🙂

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