Norwegian Developers Conference 2012 (NDC) – Part 1

Norwegian Developers Conference 2012 in Oslo last week had a great agenda. Together with 3 collegues from EVRY Consulting, Regions Østfold, we arrieved Oslo Spektrum right after 8 am for registration for the NDC conference. Spektrum was transformed to a school for nerd with 8 class rooms and a large playground in the middle with sponsor stands.

I had a great time these three days. Unfortunatly, I could not attend full days and missed 1-2 sessions wednesday and thursday. But shit happens.

Here is my watched lessions….I will return with more detailed posts on a description of the content of these sessions with blogs, examples and explanations from the authors when these are available.

Wednesday June 6th:

  1. Aral Balkan– A Happy Grain of Sand
  2. Hadi Hariri: Just cause it’s JavaScript, doesn’t give you a license to write rubbish
  3. Dino Esposito: Patterns of Mobile Application Development
  4. Billy Hollis: Introduction to XAML in Windows 8/Metro

Thursday, June 7th:

  1. Paolo Salvatori: Developing hybrid solutions with Windows Azure Service Bus, WF and BizTalk Server 2010
  2. Sahil Malik: A WIF Of Security In SharePoint And Azure
  3. Gojko Adzic:Reinventing software quality
  4. Dominick Baier: Windows Azure Access Control – Outsourcing Security to the cloud

Friday, June 8th:

  1. Ralph Squillace: What’s New in Windows Azure: 10,000 Meter Edition
  2. Yavor Georgiev: Hell has frozen over: writing Node.js apps for Windows Azure
  3. Michael Friis: Making your Application Cloud-ready
  4. Lucian Wischik: Async
    1. Part 1 — new feature in Visual Studio 11 for responsive programming
    2. Part 2 — deep dive into the new language feature of VB/C#