Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC)

Are you tired of Internet Explorer enhanced security using Windows Server 2003 or 2008 developer enviroments? Until recently, I haven’t used Windows Server in my developer virtual machines, but I have started with Sharepoint 2010 development and found it appropriate to start using Windows Server 2008.

The screenshot below show the annoying pop-up when using IE within your Windows Server 2008 developer Virtual Machine.

To disable this security setting, you have to open the “Server Manager” that is found under “Administrative Tools”. In the “Security Information” section you find a link named “Configure IE ESC”.

Windows Server 2008 - Server Manager

Windows Server 2008 – Server Manager

When selecting this, the following dialogbox is shown. My developer VM don’t need these enhanced security settings, but If you do’t know the risks of removing this setting don’t do it. When doing development I normally use known web resources and don’t need additional web security. My settings is show below. I have disabled for both administrators and user group, but it’s an option to only disable the administrators and leave the security for users.

IE Enhanced Security Configuration

IE Enhanced Security Configuration

 Happy coding!!


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