CRM4: Rollup 18 upgrade

Today, I had to update a customer CRM4 installation to “Rollup 18” due to some problems when they got new Windows 7 Clients with Office 2010. The main recommondation from Microsoft CRM Team was to make sure test and production systems were on “Rollup 18”. The build number for this rollup is “04.00.7333.3531”.

Since the customer had several language packages, I had to do some additional downloading, not only the Rollup updates. These were packages

  • English: MUISetup_1033_i386.msi
  • Finish: MUISetup_1035_i386.msi
  • Polish: MUISetup_1045_i386.msi
  • Russian: MUISetup_1049_i386.msi
  • Estonian: MUISetup_1061_i386.msi
  • Lithuainian: MUISetup_1062_i386.msi

Since the customer CRM4 main language is norwegian, I had to download the norwegian versions of the rollup. The file names for the 32-bit versions of the update rollup packages are as follows:

  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-Server-NOR.exe
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-Client-NOR.exe (client machines)
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-Router-NOR.exe
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-DMClient-NOR.exe
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-SRS-NOR.exe (SQL Server)
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-MUI-NOR.exe

When the servers were rebooted, I could verify build number of the test and production sites. Here is a great compilation of CRM4 and CRM2011 Rollups and build numbers.


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