CRM4: Rollup 18 upgrade

Today, I had to update a customer CRM4 installation to “Rollup 18” due to some problems when they got new Windows 7 Clients with Office 2010. The main recommondation from Microsoft CRM Team¬†was to make sure test and production systems were on “Rollup 18”. The build number for this rollup is “04.00.7333.3531”.

Since the customer had several language packages, I had to do some additional downloading, not only the Rollup updates. These were packages

  • English: MUISetup_1033_i386.msi
  • Finish: MUISetup_1035_i386.msi
  • Polish: MUISetup_1045_i386.msi
  • Russian: MUISetup_1049_i386.msi
  • Estonian: MUISetup_1061_i386.msi
  • Lithuainian: MUISetup_1062_i386.msi

Since the customer CRM4 main language is norwegian, I had to download the norwegian versions of the rollup. The file names for the 32-bit versions of the update rollup packages are as follows:

  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-Server-NOR.exe
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-Client-NOR.exe (client machines)
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-Router-NOR.exe
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-DMClient-NOR.exe
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-SRS-NOR.exe (SQL Server)
  • CRMv4.0- KB2477777-i386-MUI-NOR.exe

When the servers were rebooted, I could verify build number of the test and production sites. Here is a great compilation of CRM4 and CRM2011 Rollups and build numbers.