C# From singular to Plural form (english)

Some collegues of mine came up with nice-to-have string extension method yesterday – ToPlural – that adds the addition ‘s’ in Plural form of english Word. This means that you can have any singular form english word, supply the count (from a data source) and the string extension method will return you the plural form of the word.

Add the following to the string extension class

    public static class MyExtensions
        public static string ToPlural(this string input, int count = 0)
            var cult = new CultureInfo("en-US");
            if (count == 1)
                return input ;

            var plu = PluralizationService.CreateService(cult)
            return plu;

The following are the actual tests to make proof of concept for string extension method.

    public void TestPluralis()
            Assert.AreEqual("cars", "car".ToPlural(0));
            Assert.AreEqual("car", "car".ToPlural(1));
            Assert.AreEqual("cars", "car".ToPlural(2));

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