SOA and Microsoft

What’s next for me? SOA (service-oriented architecture)  has been buzz word for a long time, but I have never been any work using SOA. I came across a case study on where SOA Software give some input. I decided to have a closer look the next few weeks on how this should be implemented.

I’m grabbing the few sentences in the article that contains the solution 🙂

“With the Windows Communication Foundation 4 Routing Service, we can now address customer challenges surrounding interplatform message routing for Microsoft solutions—challenges that were difficult or impossible before,” Slivker says. “These challenges included support for noninterruptible Microsoft-specific transports like Message Queuing, and infrastructure use cases related to Windows-specific security models like the Kerberos and NTLM protocols.”

Much of the is also related to business intelligence – one of my working areas for the moment.

Some links on SOA: MSDN, Wikipedia + div1, div2.


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