New books ordered

Just ordered a few books on to expand my BI knowledge during this spring. Hopefylly, I know more about the dataware house and cube therory.

Any other recommendations? Not only book, but also videos and blogs is mostly appreciated 🙂


Maximum request length exceeded exception

I just completed a project at work where I wrote an ASP.NET portal where file upload/download was part of the delivered functionality. During testing we discovered an issue where large files were uploaded to the solution and e got the exception “Maximum request length exceeded”. After some googling, I found Hosam Kamel’s Blog that had a shot and consis explaination on the issue.

The main solution is to set the maxRequestLength  element in httpRuntime (System.Web) in either machine.config or web.config.


Report Builder 3.0 tutorials

Report Builde 3.0 was the first thing I decided to look at for my quest to archive the golden trophy of “Excellence Of Business Intelligence”. I need to get a grip on how to create standard table and matrix reports that is widely used. In addition, there’s lot of graphical elements to explore, such as Column, pie, bar chars. Designing KPIs for use in Business Intelligence dashboard and is also part of the Report Builder 3.0.

A good set of tutorials for Report Builder 3.0 can be found @microsoft.